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If you`re looking for a thorough and professional repair and/or restoration of your old or antique clock then you must come to :'De Klokkenmaker Van Apeldoorn' in Holland. We do all our work in accurate consultation with the customer.
We have also a large variety of old and antique clocks and barometers, that are sold with warranty, please check out our Collection.

(We speak English, wir sprechen Deutsch)



Overhauling clockwork, cleaning clockcase, restoring the hands, restoration dial.

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Pub clock - light Mahogany
Fusee clockwork
Eind 19e eeuw
Cathedral clock
J.O. Cailly
ca. 1840
Trumpter Uhr
Gordian Hettich Sohn, Furtwangen.
ca. 1880
Skeleton clock 3
Compulsary striking
Eind 19e eeuw
Mini Lantern clock 2
Cousin à Versaille
1e helft 18e eeuw
Capucine - Barthet à Marseille
Period Directoire
Eureka German
1919 - 1935
Begin 20e eeuw
Dachl Uhr - Quarter strike
Johann Schmidt, Vienna
Begin 19e eeuw
Carriage alarm clock Drocourt
Bamboo Style
ca. 1900
Carriage clock plated
L. Leroy & Co Paris,
Met origineel Foudraal

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The Stentor 2015: "This kind of clock is timeless", a nice article about the special case of Piet van Apeldoorn

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